Garden News Term 4

Hello Everyone,We are looking forward to a busy and fun term in the garden.Our plants are growing really well in the warm weather and the rain here and there has definitely helped. Our potatoes have all sprouted well, we have some beautiful looking cabbages on the way and the children are already enjoying the Broad beans straight from the plants. The nasturtiums are definitely making the most of it out there!On Thursday Ali and Rod from Coromandel Pure Honey in Pauanui ( will be here at school talking to rooms 6-9 about bees. We are hoping to establish a beehive at school soon so this will be a great learning opportunity for the children.
This term we are also working on setting up our Electric Garden.

A group of students from room 6 are learning all about how to use it and set it up in the correct location. They will then share their knowledge with others so that we can all use it and look after it. The device will provide us with readings about the ai…

What’s happening in term four of 2020?

What’s happening in term four of 2020?There is no doubt that the year 2020 will stay seared in our memories for the rest of our lives.Before we get too far into it, I think it’s worth reflecting a little on term three. Some of the things mentioned may or may not have escaped your attention.
Did you know that …·Our two senior classes managed to go on camp to Waitawheta last term. The children had a great time, the weather held and we managed to run it despite Covid-19.·Our senior E-Pro eight team came second in our area. Last year the same team won.This was an outstanding effort.·Lilly Donaldson came second in her category of the Thames speech competition. Well done to Lilly.·Last term, we had our second round of reports delivered to parents and whanau, and we managed to hold parent-teacher conferences. This was no mean feat given the year we have had.·We now have a new garden area outside the library thanks to Brendon, Tracey and Kane.·We received funding from the Harcourts Foundation …

A survey to improve our school

A survey to improve our school
During this week the school is going to email out a survey called the 'Parent and Community Survey' (PACS). The PACS is a tool that will help us measure elements of 'school climate' i.e. how our school relationships are working.
The background of this survey can be found at: How do parents and whānau perceive your school? A simple survey tool to find out! PACS overviewThis survey has been designed with academic rigour to measure school climate. It is a tool that is being used in Australian schools (2020) and is freely available for educational purposes.
The compulsory questions are all multi-choice. There are no right or wrong answers. Your responses will reflect your experiences and judgment.
We will be using the survey in Google forms.
How long will it take?The survey will take somewhere from fifteen to twenty-five minutes, and may take a bit longer if you fill in the optional questions.
There are six sections (a total of 29 compulsory multi-c…

Yo 'Wsup' Term three happenings

What's up in term three at Moanataiari
The phrase ‘Wsup’ is one that we hear a lot of from some of our younger students. It simply means “What’s up?”. For older people, this can be translated as “How are you going?” or ‘What’s going on?’ Mrs Saunders and I like to think we know what’s going on. Last term, one of our students raced past the classroom we were in and yelled ‘Wsup’. We looked at one another, eyes bulging, thinking that this child had just sworn at us. We poked our head out the door and said “Hey, what did you just say?” And the child, repeated, “You know - ‘Wsup’”.
So what is up this term - with people
Well, we begin this week with Mrs Saunders and Mrs Leach teaching in Room seven. Mrs Saunders takes on the primary role of teacher, and Mrs Leach provides the additional release. We welcome back Mrs Leach, who was previously deputy principal at our school and also in 2016 acted as principal while I was on study leave.
There are no other changes to staffing.
As a matter of in…

More photos from lockdown

Isla as an Egyptian.More photos from lockdown
Here is the Morgan-Bevan's celebration of ANZAC Day during the lockdown. Indeed a unique experience with man people standing by their letterboxes because they couldn't go to the services.

Oscar catching eels. Pretty slimy, eh Oscar. I think that you can only hold eels with two hands.

Good fishing Zuri but did you cook them? Zuri caught these from a kayak.

This was staff 'Happy Hour' on a Friday after school. Mr Howes organised the team to get together when school was over for a catch up on Zoom. We had to reset the invitations because we all talked too much. Whenever we get together the staff say it is me who talks too much. Can you believe that! I think it's probably Mr Donaldson or Mrs Kruger.

This is Mrs Bain sitting in front of her computer all alone waiting for her students to contact her. It was unfortunate that she had no company on this day. This was terribly sad but I think Mrs Bain is very happy to be back at level…

Hooray, alert level one!

Yes, Jacinda tells us we are 'normal'A newsletter this evening from the MOE has been sent to schools from the secretary of Education which indicates that we are officially safe. It does mean that unjustified absences will now be considered as truancy. However, these were not her points. Iona Holsted wrote:
The key changes for schools at Alert Level 1 are: Physical distancing is not a requirement but where possible or practicable is encouraged when you are around people you don’t know.There are no specific public health requirements.There are no restrictions on personal movement so all students, children and staff continue to be safe to go to school, and all students must attend school.You are no longer required to keep a contact tracing register but will continue with the usual practice of having a visitor and an attendance register (and will need to work with local health authorities to identify close contacts, should there be a case connected with the school).There are no rest…

And the lockdown winning photos are ....

1. The Corbett family locking their children in the bathroom ... great idea! We need to talk to the MOE about redesigning school for this sort of opportunity. I'm just worried that we would be arrested. And the lockdown winning photos are .... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. The Darwalls all trying to learn at the same time around the kitchen table. Simon must be doing a Zoom lesson. Excellent work. I think we are all glad that's over. Mum and Dad need a bigger table for the next lockdown.


3. Blaze and Caspian doing exciting science experiments. Caspian is yet to give an explanation. If he can give it to me in less than four sentences, I'll add it to the blog.


4. This was a cunning plan by the Whytes. They managed to sneak five…